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Date created: 2011-01-28 Location: Los Angeles, CA

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3 of 5 stars Neutral

"A review of Grip-Rite roofing tiles"
I have owned the shingles on my roof for over eight years now. My shingles have both pros and cons that I have learned to accept. I really liked that they were easy to install. I was able to completely redo my roof in an entire weekend, something that I did not think would be feasible. There are two things that I do not particularly like about my shingles. The first is that the dark coloring of them causes my house to absorb solar energy in the summer, thus making many of my upstairs rooms very hot and uncomfortable. Secondly, I have started to notice that some of the outer edge shingles have started to come off of my roof. I do not know if this was the tile's fault or mine. I have not needed to repair my tiles in the whole eight years that I have had them. they have been adequate roof tiles. I probably wouldn't recommend them to a friend, I am sure that something more substantial is out on the market.